Monday, September 14, 2009

Things that make me happy

The smell of and everything that has to do with Rain
Driving a convertible mini cooper
Presli and Noah
Monday's (no school)
Making, frosting, and decorating all kinds of Cupcakes
Weddings: dress, hair, pictures, flowers, decorations, EVERYTHING
Ferris Wheels
Fall. Fall leaves. Fall weather. Fall football. Fall clothes. Fall scents
Homemade V-Necks
My amazing friends! BD, legit, shanny, hi-mee, beyonce, sarbear, phil. (just to name a few)
Letters from foreign countries
Jak and Princess
Tomato soup at Paradise Cafe
Pictures/Reminiscing Hawaii
Last but NOT least my amazing family. Mom. Dad. brothers. sav. I love you.


Trevor & Cassidy said...


Kjirsten said...

So cute! It was so good to see you last week. I really hope we get to see you again soon. Please call us anytime. Let's do lunch or something.

Jaime Perry said...

I'm glad you blogged again.

I miss you sooo much miss mckall!!

Kate said...
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Kate said...

blogger again...ah last you're back! mini rides top down, top up, gonna rain do the pull over, didn't rain M^2P not too happy! Being followed secretly to provo!!! Holy fall boots+scarves can't wait! Our obsession with Hawaii! Man I love being best friends!