Tuesday, June 30, 2009

With age comes wisdom...

It seems like time is flying by and I feel like we're getting old and I'm not ready to be completely grown up! Is that dumb? We went to dinner the other night, to spend our last night for a long time all together (minus Sarah and Syb, you were missed very much). Cassidy, Kellie, and Sarah are getting married! Yay!!! Jaime graduated from Utah State and is moving on to bigger and better things in California, go Jaim!! Jilly went through the temple last week and is leaving on her mission in August. Syb could be having a baby at any time! haha kidding!! Chels is going to Paris in a few days. As for me and Katie, we're just working/going to school full time and playing lots of volleyball, haha nothing life changing but life is good! I love you all girlies and I'm so happy for the new adventures that are about to occur in your life!