Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Self Esteem Poem

Sarah tagged me.

Okay so three of my bestest friends, Sarah, Cass, and Syb, have been dying for me to get a blog so here I am, so excited about blogging! And Sarah came up with the most brilliant idea of doing "I am" self esteem poems so here goes it!

I am changing colors in the fall.

I am October.

I am dance parties in the kitchen.

I am chick flicks.

I am rain boots on a rainy day.

I am star gazing.

I am best friends. Beyonce. Toots. Mamma Syb. Sarbear.

I am rollerblading.

I am Gilbert.

I am presli and noah.

I am a sunny afternoon at the pool.

I am momma rob's biggest fan.

I am mac makeup guru.

I am a sandy beach.

I am a strawberry popsicle.

I am volleyball.

I am sopapillas at la costa.

I am vanilla yogurt and almonds.

I am lemon water.

I am coco the white mazda 3.

I am oprah winfrey.

I am my dad's colorful toenails.

I am country music.

I am seconhand serenade.

I am mamma mia.

I am pink on a green kick.

I am the OC

I am laughing until you cry.

I am interior designs.

I am gerber daisies.

I am cute purses.

I am an umbrella.

I am serendipity.

I am twilight, new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn.

I am cuddling.

I am family.