Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jack be nimble

So we went to Arizona for Thanksgiving and stayed at our cousins house. They have two Chihuhua's- Butch and Betty. Well Butch and Betty had a little baby puppy who we all fell in love with immediately. Usually I'm not too crazy over Chihuahua's but its a long haired one and soooo adorable! My mom loved him but my dad wasn't too sure because we already have a dog, not to mention chihuahua's aren't the most manly dogs out there. So we begged and begged and the day we were leaving my dad gave in and said yes. So we brought JACK home:) He was such a good little traveler and was amazing in the car. He didn't cry or bark at all when he was in his little crate and he was so good! We were worried how Princess (our boxer) and Jack would get along and to our surprise they LOVE each other! They are connected at the hip and its the cutest thing! I even think my dad secretly loves him even though he won't admit it for the life of him!