Sunday, April 5, 2009

Camping... Island style

Friday we went to a really fun beach party/bbq with the Evan's (people we babysit for). There were wave runners, football on the beach, lots of surfing, and yummy food. We surfed which was so fun and Kass and I attempted tandom surfing-hilarious! Such a fun day! Later that night we went camping and it was a blast! We went over to the West side of the island which is a pretty sketchy part of the island but we drove for forever to make sure we were far enough away where we would be safe. The boys did some late night spear fishing and cooked the fish over the fire. They caught a huge crab and it all tasted pretty good! They also built a sauna and it was so rad! They dug a huge hole in the sand and covered it with a tarp that was held up by standing shovels in the middle. Then they put really hot rocks from the fire in the corner and poured water on it which caused steam, lots of steam. It was the coolest thing ever! We got maybe five minutes of sleep and in the morning we "woke up" to like a hundred dolphins swimming and playing just out from the beach. Further in the distance there was a few whales breaching. It was so awesome to see! After everyone was up and we had cleaned up camp, we left and went snorkeling at Electric Beach. It was the deepest I've ever snorkeled and we were out pretty far so it was a little scary but super fun!! Anyway the weekend was a blast and I love Hawaii!

Beach party at Kahana Beach


Huge Crab!!

The sweet sauna

Inside the sauna

The fire looked so cool for some reason!

Inside a way cool cave!


Lindsey Sharp said...

oh my it sounds like a movie! i am glad you are having fun!

Sarah Jane said...

dude that is totally rad! except i hate saunas. i miss you. come home. etc. you know.