Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Motherly visit

Last Monday my mom and her friend Kim surprised us and came for a visit. I was so happy to see her and we had such a fun week! I love you mom and Kim! Here are some pictures from the week:

Mom and Kim

I was so happy and "surprised" to see my cute mom

Chinaman's hat
Waikiki Beach

We did lots of shopping!

Our attempt to do something cool

The boys doing acro yoga

Yummy banana cake

Sunset Beach

We are totally normal


She has her own postcard!

View from the top

Acai Bowls!!!

Hang loose bra

Easter morning!

Yep, self timed Easter picture

Kawela Bay

I can't do jumping pictures for the life of me!

Surfin at pipe

pretty sunset

They missed their hubbies

Mother Rob trying so hard to get some pics of surfers Matsumoto's!


Kjirsten said...

I wish I could come out for a surprise visit! You look like you are having WAY too much fun. When are you coming back?

Robyn said...

Hey, hey, hey this is my 5th attempt, let's hope it works. What an amazing time you showed us sweety. I love all the pics. Very fond memories of Laie, Sunset, Kawela Bay, Waiamea, Pipeline, Waikiki Beach, Ted's, Duke's, Hukilau, and the point. Dad says: "it's time for you to come home to reality." We all miss you honey. Anxious to have you home. Love, Love, Love You!!

Cassidy Elizabeth said...

Is it weird that I am fighting back tears right now? I want you all to come home! I miss you! Stop having fun and help me plan a wedding gasho dangit!! Ha I love you girl!!! xoxo

Devin, Abby, and Grady said...

That's so fun that your mom came! I bet it was hard to see her go.

PS I love your dress in the Easter picture! So cute!

Tam the Gram said...

Hey McKall,
I had to check up on your MOM! The pictures are so amazing--who is the photographer? I am so glad you have had this experience--what a great time in your life. I love you--you are a great person! Tammy Jones

Elika said...

Hey McKall!
Your blog is way cute! I can't believe how young your mom looks! Anyways we loved having you guys babysit. Thanks for being so fun for the kids. Good luck with school and everything!!

Trenton and Allie said...

Oh my thank you!! When are you guys coming home? You have been there FOREVER

Troy and Kim Bench and Family said...

K, I've been waiting for a new post to replace the backside shot of me and your mom. But, I guess you have been kind of busy! Hope you had a good trip. Look forward to see you and Kass.

Em said...

So fun McKall! I am really jealous! I look at your pics and I want to move there now! and what is JMAC studios? Those pics are incredible. Were you a model?