Monday, September 8, 2008


Cass tagged me:

Do you know any mechanical stuff about cars? Not so much
Have you ever cried while in the shower? Indeed
If you were given $100, would you spend it or save it? I would most likely spend it...
Could things possibly get any better? At this very moment, they could get a little better
Are you close with your mother? Very much so
Does your head hurt? No it does not
Has anyone ever broken your heart? Something like that
What was the first thing you thought this morning? How early it was and do I really want to go to the gym??
Are you Irish in any way? Yes. Yes I am
Where did you sleep last night? In the comfort of my bed
How's your heart lately? So great
Would you rather get up early or sleep in? It definitely depends, I get much more done when I wake up early.
What are you excited about right now? This is going to be a great and eventful week and I'm very excited.
Describe your fingernails: Plain as can be right now
Ever stayed up all night on the phone? Yes
What's the cutest text message in your inbox? No comment
Could you go a day without eating? No way, food is fantastic
Does it take a lot to make you cry? uh, most of the time
How many kids do you want? 3-5
What's your favorite season? Summer and Fall
Who was the last person at your house? Cass
Did you ever want to change your name when you were younger? Yeah to Marti after one of the dixie chicks haha wow I was young.
Do you wish you were famous? The truth, sometimes
Whats something you do a lot? babysit, shop, read, play
Are you in a good mood? Fabulous!
Have you cried today? Nope
Does it annoy you when someone says they'll call or text you, but never do? Um, very much so
Who did you last share a bed with? Sav
Is good grammar attractive? It sure is!
What did you do for your last birthday? Played with my cute friends:)
What's your hair look like today? Down and wavy
If you could move somewhere else, would you? Don't get me wrong, I love Utah but yes I would move somewhere else for the experience.
What is the best thing about your current job? The lack thereof
What could you not tolerate? lying
What's something your friends make fun of you for? Texting with my pointer finger
Would you ever parachute off of a plane? Ah I don't know!!!
What are you saving your money up for right now? A good shopping spree
Can you read other people's expressions? Positive
When was the last time something really bothered you? Yesterday
How did you feel when you woke up today? Ready for a new day
Was yesterday better than today? No way!
The last song you listened to? Walk like an egyptian-don't ask
How many red lights have you ran? a few too many
Is anyone on your bad side right now? No
Are you regretting anything you did in the past three months? No sir
Last person you told a secret to? Nicole
Last phone call received? Whitney
If you could get back in touch with one person you've lost touch with - who would it be? Old coaches and teamates
What were you doing at 8 this morning? Driving to pleasant grove
Are you wearing make-up? Unfortunately
What does the newest text message in your inbox say? We are gonna go hot tubbing!!!
What time did you go to bed last night? midnight
Have you changed this year? Yes!
Have you ever regretted anything? Live with no regrets
Who/what is on your mind right now? I'm excited for a lunch date on Thursday, A really cute boy who I haven't seen in a while, and how much I miss my friends that have boyfriends...
What are some things you feel that you NEED in life? Family, Best friends and the GOSPEL!
How does it feel to live your life? Undescribable
Are you happy with the way things are going? Yeah for the most part!
Who has texted you in the last 24 hrs? Toots, Beyonce, Ash, Mother Rob, Dad, Lindsey, Ryan, Bob, Whit... Thats all I can think of
Looking forward to something this weekend? Going to visit Jaime in Logan!
Do you drink tea? Herbal
In the past week have you cried? Yes
Who was the last person you had a phone conversation with for more than a hour? No idea
Dark hair or light hair in the opposite sex? Either
Have you ever gotten a sunburn so bad it hurt to move? Oh heck ya
Would you ever consider piercing your lip? Oh heck no
Who are your favorite people to talk to when you’re down? Mom, Lacey, Nana, Linds, Cass, Ash, Chase, Ty.
What time did you wake up this morning? 4:30
What woke you up this morning? My padre
Have you ever been awake for more then 2 nights straight? Can't say I have
Are you stubborn? Very much so, but I try to be open minded
Is there someone you will never forget? Too many to count
When was the last time you saw snow? On a wicked sweet snowboarding video
Do you smile often? I do
Who told you they loved you last? Mom and ash
If you could have something right now, what would it be? A boy in a different country



Coco baby!! I love you! I am so happy you did this and I am soooo sorry I have been such a crappy friend!! I love you forgive me!!