Sunday, September 14, 2008


This weekend, a few of us girls decided to go up to Logan to visit our cute friend Jaime, and it was such a blast! The little road trip on the way up and back was so fun, being up there was great, and everything about this trip was fabulous! We all went to dinner Friday night at probably the best place ever! Then we stayed up pretty much all night and had the best talk/pow wow which also included muddy buddies, peanut butter m&m's and diet coke:)...On Saturday we slept in which was extremely nice, got ready for the day, shopped a little and went to lunch. We went to the football game which was super hot but so fun to see Jaime dancin out on the field. We came home Saturday night so it was pretty short but so worth it! We loved every second, minus a little parking situation that none of us were happy about (especially cass), but other than that it was delightful!


Julie Ann said...

It was fun to see pictures from your trip to Logan. Bummer about the parking incident. Cass wasn't happy about that. Thanks for being such a great friend to Cassidy. She loves you to death!! I was excited to find out I knew your grandma. She is such a beautiful, classy women. Now I know why you are so gorgeous!! Take care. Julie

Lindsey Sharp said...

We love you girl!!! Don't leave us!!HaHa I think Grey might finally stay asleep! Ahh sigh!

Cassidy Elizabeth said...