Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's so hard to believe another year has come and gone! So many good times, a few bad and I learned so much. I'm excited for all that lies ahead in 2009, it's going to be a good year! I'm so grateful for my amazing family and all my friends, I love you all! Some highlights and good times in 2008:

Moved into my first apartment in Provo

Baby Presli was born

Jazz games with the boys

Vegas with mom!

So many fun memories with my best friends who are now on missions

Sand dunes

Abby got married!

Many nights of some rad disco skating

Cruise with my besties

Justin and Stace got married!

4-wheeling in Idaho

Girls trip to Jackson

See you in 2!

Ash moved back to Missouri :(

Wisdom teeth no longer

Met and immediately became besties with Sarah

Makall's boating bachelorette party

Discovering self timer on the camera


Thanks for such a fun birthday girls!

Breaking Dawn

Girl's nights!

Boys II Men concert

Best afternoons with Linds, Ave and the triplets

Started school

Cassidy's birthday


Fun photoshoots at TA

Thriller and Cheescake Factory with the girls


Visiting Grandma and getting puppy Jak

Sarah & flannel. End result: Christmas Social 08


Julie Ann said...

Looks like a great year! I hope 2009 will even be better. Love the pictures!

Sarah Jane said...


Lindsey Sharp said...

you are so cute!! hope to see you this week!! i love my watch!!! hey have you watched one tree hill yet? i have a friend that wants to borrow them when you are done? no hurry! see you soon i hope! we miss you!

McKee's Madness said...

Seriously can you get any cuter... I just love you. I miss you like crazy. How about you come back down to your old apt in Provo and come to school with me....

Kim said...

McKall you are DARLING!!! I love it! I love that you found my family blog! It's a great way to keep in touch! I must admit your blog is much more entertaining to read than mine! Single life...you gotta love it...FREEDOM! I am soooo very happy for you and your stage of life...LIVE IT UP GIRL! You make me reminise on all of my fun college years that I wouldn't trade for the world! ...however, I wouldn't trade my life now, just being a mom is breathtaking on a daily basis! It looks like you had an awesome year! CONGRATS on your successes! and friendships - they are very important! Keep in touch - I love your comments! Tell you fam hi for me!...BTW, I loved your Christmas card!

McKee's Madness said...

Hey you need to call me..... 870-0086. I need to talk to you:)

Paige said...


Looks like you had a very eventful 2008, so glad you started school so I could meet your cute face!

Sammie Noellie said...

Mckall! remember you met your long lost sister this year. :D haha i love you!

Cameron said...

Bingo I made it into 1 picture.